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Matured Goat Cheese IQF Medallions.

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Made with pasteurized goat’s milk with a melting texture, ideal for preparing pizzas and decorating dishes and salads.

The product has a very long life given its freezing state and very fast, clean, comfortable and simple handling. It can be kept frozen until it is used, even going straight to the oven, griddle or kitchen element that will be used.

With the Medallions in IQF of Lácteos Caprinos, we forget about the shrinkage since these do not exist as well as the evolution of the product since it is frozen in time, does not lose moisture, or change its flavor, the product remains unchanged until it´s time to cook it.

It is marketed in boxes prepared to open and close many times of 5Kg and the medallions can be of a wide range of sizes and weights accommodating all the possible needs of the most demanding kitchen.

Cheese with slightly moldy khaki crust and ivory white paste. Aroma between dairy and light humidity with nuances of mushroom. Adherent in the mouth, somewhat melting with sour and salty flavor. Very persistent in the mouth.

Fresh Medallions IQF 45 MM 8,5 gr (box 5Kg)
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Fresh Medallions IQF 45 MM 8,5 gr (tray 750 gr)
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Fresh Medallions IQF goat cheese 45 MM 8,5 gr (container 500 gr)
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Frozen curd and Medallions

Products intended for industrial use or HORECA.

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