Lácteos Caprinos S.A. Spanish Manufacturers Goat Cheese

Lácteos Caprinos S.A. The fresh taste of goats milk cheese. Since 2002 we have produced goats milk cheese and frozen curd.

We are located in Campillo de Arenas, a small village in the Andalusian mountains, where around half of the goats milk from Spain is produced.

The quality of our products, both in our Goat cheese and Curd manufacturing plants, is certificated by the Quality Standards of the BRC Food Safety Standard, v. 7 and IFS, v. 6.
Lácteos Caprinos works in close partnership with Quesos Aldonza y Don Ismael S.L., a dairy industry from Piedrabuena (a village in Castilla La Mancha), which elaborates a wide range of dairy products of goats, ewe and cows milk.


BRC Certification

IFS Certification

Organic Certification